Keith Campbell & Tim Joyce
Guess which one is the "Fast Guy"
  Jay Springsteen
Springer and his race face.
Having Fun (left to right)
Kyle Campbell, Springer, Keith Campbell and Crew Chief "Dr. Joe" Brown.
Gary Nixon, Kyle Campbell, & Springer.
Kyle Campbell & his biggest fan, his sister Kerri. Getting Ready
Dr. Joe & Springer talking about suspension stuff.
Ready to Race (left to right)
Gary Nixon on a M3 CR750
Tim Joyce & Jay Springsteen on Hourglass Racing XR750TT'S
Let's go Racing
#87 Keith Campbell, #309 Tim Joyce, #9S Springer.
Nixon and Springer being interviewed after the race. Hourglass Racing Riders Chuck Davis and Tim Joyce with XR750 Guru/Tuner Carl Patrick.
Crew member Bill Sadler. Carl and Joe fretting over the Harley before the race.
Keith and crew member Mike Johnson with his Daytona black and orange haircut. Tim and Springer pre-race.
"Now Gary, you know I got steam on you and the Honda". Kyle's CR750 sitting during the rain.
"Dr. Joe" telling Springer to "race the track". The Hog Riders
Carl Patrick, my good friend, engine builder, inspiration, and the man who got me started with the XR750 bikes. He also builds a mean Ford Hotrod. "Yes, I wear Alpine Stars". This was the result of a flat front tire in practice, no real harm done.
87X Kyle Campbell going out on the CR750 with the Drixton Honda on his left. Sweet Victory
WE WON!!!!!!
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